This prototype was made for the GameOff 2018 game jam.

DestroyUglyPeople is a side-scroller shooter/puzzle. Was inspired by Puzzle Bubble and the space shooters like R-Type.

Controls (only keyboard):
Arrow keys Up/Down = Move
R Button = Shoot red ugly alien
G Button = Shoot green ugly alien
B Button = Shoot blue ugly alien
Y Button = Shoot yellow ugly alien

Art by Gabriele Bonelli


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Deleted post

Nice. a mix of puzzle and tetris. Great idea.

Fun little game

Thanks 😉

I like your game. Maybe it's a cliche, but I expected that combinations with the same color will disappear, like in games with balls and colors.

But like it is, it feels like hybrit of space invaders and Dr. Mario to me ;-)

I'm already planning to add the matches between the different color like in a classic match 3 game (Candy Crush saga for example). In the next months I'll release a more complete version of the game with different game modes and mechanics. :)